c o n s u l t i n g  r e p e r t o i r e

Strategic Planning for Creativity and Innovation
How to create an environment that supports creative thinking, and how to roll out an innovation initiative so it sticks.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Training
How to use the Osborn-Parnes CPS model to identify real problems, come up with breakthrough ideas, choose the best solution(s) and move into action.

CPS Facilitation for Idea-Generating Meetings and Events
How to maximize the creative brain-power of your team using an outside facilitator to help generate ideas, choose solutions and prioritise action steps.

Innovative Brand Concept and New Product Development
How to optimize market research and consumer insights to create strategic brand concepts and new product ranges.

Facilitation Training
How to teach the members of your organization not only to use CPS, but to facilitate it themselves.

Team Building and Talent Management
How to maximize the performance of your organization by learning how to work together better as a team.

Train the Trainer Workshops
How to prepare your own training staff to lead and facilitate training programs and workshops.

Facilitator Coaching
How to optimise a meeting, brainstorm session or planning program so you get the most out of the people present and the time you spend together.

Executive Coaching
How to manage a creative environment that ignites employee performance.

Brainstorming Alone
How to use CPS on your own to address personal and professional challenges.

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