l i n k s

Colleagues and Partners:

Accelerating Scientific Innovation.

New & Improved
Teaching Skills and techniques for fostering an innovative culture.

Teaching Productive Thinking: a core skill for developing new products and processes, new organizational structures, new marketing and business strategies, or just solving problems.

Gregg Fraley
Innovation culture assessment, team building, ideation facilitation, innovation process coaching and training.

Strategic innovation and trend consultantancy.

Brand Advocate
Branding, relationships, communication, web-marketing.

Cake and Media
Graphic design, web design, project management and copywriting.

Organizations and Conferences:

Creative Education Foundation (CEF)
Where it all started.

Faciliators without Borders
Partnering with communities in developing countries to create indigenous solutions and action plans to solve public sector issues

Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI)
CEF's annual creativity conference.

CREA Conference
Annual European creativity conference in Sestri-Levante, Italy.

CREA France
Association francaise pour le developpement de la creativite.

South African Creativity Conference (ACRE)
Annual creativity conference in South Africa.

Annual creativity conference in Toronto, Canada.