What does it take to innovate?

It's kind of a buzzword these days, INNOVATION.

It's what every organization needs in order to cope with the changing economy, the competitive market, the evolving business landscape. Innovation is the big topic for business books and magazines and motivational speakers. There's a lot of talk about innovation.

But how do you actually do it?

We believe it takes three things:

  1. An "Aha": Realizing that you need to change or improve something and being willing to take on the responsibility.
  2. A Common Language: Using a deliberate and shared process, tools and techniques to trigger inspiration.
  3. Emotional Courage: Finding the courage to take a risk and to actually do something different. And then committing to it.

If you want to transform your organization into one that really makes a difference in your industry, in your field - or for that matter, in the world - it means changing behavior, your behavior, and making new habits that support creative thinking and innovation. When individuals change, then the organization can change too.

It's our goal to help you take innovation beyond the buzzword, and make it a behavior that's measurable, pleasurable and profitable.

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